Institutional Core Facilities

Experimental Pathology Core (EPC)
The Experimental Pathology Core facility was established in 1994 by the COBRE PD/PI (Dr. Hauer-Jensen). The core laboratory is equipped with modern tissue-processing equipment, including Olympus and Microm microtomes, Microm cryostat, Sakura automatic tissue processor, Tissue-Tek embedding center, Shandon automatic tissue stainer, a Chemicon ATA100 tissue array instrument, a Dako automatic immunostainer with the capability of programming up to 64 different reagents into individual staining protocols, and an Aperio digital slide scanner. Laser capture microdissection services can also be provided. This Core  provides investigators with centralized, comprehensive histological services. Three of the 4 COBRE Project Leaders are currently major users of this core facility, but the laboratory provides services to more than 70 investigators on campus.

Biotelemetry & Ultrasound Imaging Core (BUIC
This core facility provides invasive in vivo monitoring of cardiovascular function and noninvasive in vivo monitoring of structure and function in small-animal models. Its Biotelemetry Services offer surgical implantation and explantation of biotelemetry transmitters to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, circadian activity, and electrocardiogram in conscious, unrestrained animals. The Ultrasound Imaging Service provides noninvasive assessment (including Doppler imaging) of function of the heart, vascular system, intestines, and other internal organs, as well as tumor cell growth and angiogenesis. The Core is equipped with VisualSonics Vevo 2100 small-animal ultrasound system and the core director Dr Boerma has substantial expertise, and is available for consultation.


Additional College of Medicine Core Facilities